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Р. В. Мазуренко, Г. М. Гуня, С. М. Махно, П. П. Горбик
«Вплив природи поверхні діоксиду кремнію на електрофізичні властивості полімерних нанокомпозитів з електронно-йонною провідністю»
0259–0267 (2014)

PACS numbers: 68.37.Hk, 72.80.Tm, 77.22.Ch, 78.67.Sc, 81.07.Pr, 82.35.Np, 82.70.Dd

The electrophysical properties of finely dispersed silica dioxide and hydrosol chemically modified with copper iodide at 295 K are studied in the microwave range and at low frequencies. As found, the optimal bulk content of copper iodide within the CuI/SiO2 and CuI/hydrosol composites is of 50 wt.%, when the interfacial interaction manifests itself most intensively and there are maximum values of electrical parameters. As shown, the polymer CuI/hydrosol–polychlorotrifluoroethylene composites have higher values of the real and image complex dielectric permittivity and conductivity as compared with systems, which contain modified finely dispersed silica dioxide.

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