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Л. Л. Сартинская, Е. В. Войнич, Г. А. Фролов, А. Ю. Коваль, А. Ф. Андреева, А. М. Касумов, И. И. Тимофеева
«Свойства BN-наноструктур, получаемых под воздействием концентрированного светового излучения»
0239–0246 (2014)

PACS numbers: 61.80.Ba, 68.37.Hk, 68.65.-k, 77.84.Bw, 78.67.-n, 81.07.-b, 81.16.-c

The effect of source boron on the morphology and structure of boron nitride fabricated by direct synthesis is demonstrated. As shown, within the experimental chamber, forbidden bandwidth and phase composition of obtained powders may vary substantially, depending on the distance from the reaction zone. Injection of catalyst promotes fabrication of nanodispersed structures and laminated structures, depending on the location of precipitation of the synthesized material.

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