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И. Д. Войтович, Т. С. Лебедева, П. Б. Шпилевой, Н. В. Беднов
«Покрытия из нанопористого анодного оксида алюминия для сенсорных применений»
169–180 (2014)

PACS numbers: 07.07.Df, 68.37.Hk, 68.55.at, 78.67.Rb, 81.16.Pr, 82.45.Cc, 87.85.fk

The development of technology of thin-film sensor coatings of porous anodic aluminium oxide (PAAO) grown on aluminium films on glass substrates is described and includes control of the reflection curves of metal-clad waveguide (MCWG) sensory structures on the PAAO–Al, during the process of anodic oxidation and subsequent wet etching of pores. The results of the MCWG optical characteristics modelling in the process of their fabrication are given. The analysis of the nanoporous coatings by SEM and results of immunochemical studies on MCWG based on the PAAO–Al are presented. Designed technology is performed for the development of optical MCWG biosensors, but it may be applied to fabricate the nanoporous PAAO coatings for other kinds of high-sensitive sensors.

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