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Ю. П. Вишневська, І. В. Бражник
«Формування функціональних покриттів при окиснювальній полімеризації похідних аніліну»
153–160 (2014)

PACS numbers: 68.37.Hk, 68.37.Ps, 68.55.am, 73.61.Ph, 78.30.Jw, 81.15.Pq, 82.45.Qr

The polymeric-coating deposition method based on the oxidizing polymerization of aniline derivatives directly on substrate in presence of Fe3? ions under galvanostatic conditions is demonstrated. As shown, the infusion of Fe2(SO4)3 and KI into the system leads to greatly-accelerated polymeric-film formation process due to direct participation of added Fe3? ions and formation of two-stage I?/I2 redox system. As revealed, the presence of I? ions influences on the conductivity of PDPA due to the electrons’ delocalization at the nascent redistribution of electron density. Thus, KI is dopant that allows controlling DPA polymerization rate and conductivity of such coatings. The proposed method of polymeric-film formation directly on substrate allows the fine-grained deposition and property control for obtaining coatings, which are tuned for specific application area.

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