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О. Б. Перевізник, О. В. Решетняк, І. В. Салдан, Ю. Я. Семенюк
«Синтез та фізико-хімічні властивості наноструктурованого композита полі(Ан-со-2-МАн)–Au»
143–152 (2014)

PACS numbers: 68.37.Hk, 72.80.Le, 72.80.Tm, 81.07.Pr, 82.35.Jk, 82.35.Np, 82.45.Yz

Electrochemical synthesis and properties of the thin films of novel copolymer of aniline and 2-mercaptoaniline as a mean of introduction of the mercapto-group into the polymeric chain are studied. The presence of mercapto-group in synthesized copolymer chains is confirmed by the IR-spectroscopy method. As determined, the HS-groups initiate the growth of gold nanoparticles (Au-NP) during formation of the metal–polymeric composite. Besides, Au-NPs cross-link the chains of copolymer that leads to the formation of spherical aggregates with a porous structure. In the same time, gold nanoparticles are the percolation clusters and increase significantly the electrical conductivity of fabricated copolymeric film. As shown, the change of the Au-NPs content in a composite allows adjusting the degree of cross-linking of macromolecular chains and, as a result, to fabricate the conductive film with predetermined electrical conduction.

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