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Д. В. Щур, С. Ю. Загинайченко, А. В. Котко, Н. С. Аникина, Е. А. Каменецкая
«Изучение особенностей процесса высаливания фуллерита из насыщенного раствора С60 в толуоле. II. Турбулентное смешивание реагентов»
833–861 (2013)

PACS numbers: 47.61.-k, 61.48.-c, 68.55.ap, 81.05.ub, 81.16.-c, 83.50.Xa, 83.60.-a

The peculiarities of the salting-out process of fullerene C60 molecules from the saturated solution in toluene are considered. The morphology of formed fullerite crystals is studied with the use of the transmission and scanning electron microscopies. Our study reveals by application of spectrophotometric method that the concentration hysteresis is formed on the curve of solubility for the saturated solution because of variations in temperature of the system. The system location in the certain point of solubility curve determines the state of fullerene molecule in the solution. This, in its turn, defines both the morphology and the crystallinity degree of salting fullerene. The dualism of fullerene molecule allows it to form both true solutions and colloidal solutions. Based on obtained experimental data, one can come to recognize that the knowledge of sequence of conducted measurements is of prime importance for the interpretation of effects of the concentration hysteresis.

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