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А. Н. Гольцев, Н. Н. Бабенко, Ю. А. Гаевская, Н. А. Бондарович, М. В. Останков, О. В. Челомбитько, Т. Г. Дубрава, В. К. Клочков, Н. С. Кавок, Ю. В. Малюкин
«Способность наночастиц на основе ортованадатов к идентификации in vitro и инактивации in vivo стволовых раковых клеток»
729–739 (2013)

PACS numbers: 87.15.-v, 87.19.xj, 87.64.-t, 87.80.-y, 87.85.Rs

The ability of orthovanadate-based nanoparticles of rare-earth metals to bind and identify the cancer stem cells in experimental model of the Ehrlich carcinoma by luminescent microscopy and spectroscopy is estimated. As shown, the synthesized nanoparticles of different size and shape (spherical, spindle-like and rod-shaped) have various potentials to be bound with tumour progenitor cells in vitro. As established, only nanoparticles of spherical and spindle-like shapes can identify tumour cells in both total pool and isolated CD44? fraction. The ability of all types of nanoparticles to inhibit the tumour growth in vivo is shown, at that the spindle-like nanoparticles in the concentration of 0.87 g/l have maximal potential to inhibit the development of tumour process.

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