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Т. В. Серденко, Ю. М. Барабаш, П. П. Нокс, Н. Х. Сейфулліна, М. А. Заболотний
«Кінетична модель донор-акцепторної взаємодії у фотосинтетичних реакційних центрах бактерій»
711–727 (2013)

PACS numbers: 82.20.-w, 82.39.Jn, 82.50.Hp, 87.14.ep, 87.15.hp, 87.15.ht, 87.15.M-

Photoinduced structural changes in the process of electron transport in the purple bacteria of Rhodobacter sfaeroides are analysed. Using the methods of dynamic spectroscopy of visible light, the kinetics of absorption of aqueous solutions of reaction centres in different modes of photoexcitation is studied. The set of three balance equations with state equation is suggested. Values of microrates in kinetic equations are obtained. Two-level system can be described as the system with four electron-conformational states. Dependences of microrates for different times and intensities of the exciting light are obtained. As suggested, the oxidation process involves two mechanisms of structural change. Due to one of the processes, returning electron velocity increases; due to another one, it decreases. The recovery process is determined by the second mechanism. As found, the structural changes occur when reaction centres are lighted on, and these changes do not take place, when the light is turned off.

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