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Н. И. Ходаковский, А. И. Золот, П. А. Мержвинский
«Исследование внешних сигналов макромолекулярного рефлексно-сенсорных модулей человека матрикса магнито- и электрометрическими методами»
701–710 (2013)

PACS numbers: 07.07.Df, 07.50.Ls, 07.55.Ge, 47.61.Fg, 85.25.Dq, 87.14.ej, 87.19.-j

The method for using of the magnetometer instruments for the study of nanostructures at interaction of enzyme systems and reflex-sensor modules in the human body makes it possible to develop and to allow for the base scheme of adjusting their status. This approach allows us to treat patients and to provide unlock the information and energy levels of the metabolism of molecular systems at the level of enzyme complexes.

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