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Ю. М. Шульга, С. А. Баскаков, А. Д. Золотаренко, Е. Н. Кабачков, В. Е. Мурадян, Д. Н. Войлов, В. А. Смирнов, В. М. Мартыненко, Д. В. Щур, А. П. Помыткин
«Окрашивание нанолистов оксида графена и цветные полимерные композиции на их основе»
0161–0171 (2013)

PACS numbers: 68.37.Ef, 78.20.Ci, 78.30.Na, 78.66.Qn, 78.67.Wj, 81.05.ue, 81.40.Tv

The aqueous suspensions of graphene-oxide nanosheets (GONS) fabricated by the exfoliation of the graphite oxide have treated with dye solution. As found, the addition of such dyes as neutral red, brilliant green, and rhodamine leads to failure of an aqueous GONS suspension and precipitation of graphene oxide. Deposits separated from excess dye form the stable suspension of coloured GONS in water or dimethylformamide, during the second dispersion. Colouring of GONS is accompanied by a shift of the main absorption bands of dye toward longer wavelengths. As revealed, the dye stability to the ultraviolet irradiation, when applying dye to the GONS, increases significantly.

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