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Ю. В. Ушенин, Р. В. Христосенко, А. В. Самойлов, Э. Б. Каганович, Э. Г. Манойлов, Б. А. Снопок
«Оптические параметры нанокомпозитных плёнок пористого оксида алюминия c квантовыми точками кремния или германия»
0089–0097 (2013)

PACS numbers: 68.37.Ps, 73.21.La, 78.20.Ci, 78.67.Hc, 78.67.Rb, 78.67.Sc, 81.07.Ta

The waveguide-type nanostructures based on porous aluminium-oxide nanocomposite film containing silicon or germanium nanoparticles formed on gold film are investigated. Porous nanocomposite films with the thickness profile close to the wedge are obtained by pulse-laser deposition in an argon atmosphere on a substrate located within the plane of the target. The angular dependence of the intensity of internal reflection, R(?), in the Krechman geometry at a wavelength ????650 nm is measured. The approximation of experimental dependences of R(?) by the optical model allows determining the effective values of the refractive indexes, neff, and absorption coefficients, keff, of the films. As determined, the values of neff are in the range 1.38–1.65, and keff???0.003–0.04.

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