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Э. Б. Каганович, И. М. Крищенко, Э. Г. Манойлов, Н. П. Маслак-Гудима, В. В. Кременицкий
«Структура и оптические свойства пористых плёнок золота и серебра, полученных импульсным лазерным осаждением в вакууме»
0859–0867 (2012)

PACS numbers: 61.43.Gt, 61.46.Df, 68.03.Fg, 68.37.Hk, 73.20.Mf, 78.67.Rb, 81.16.Mk

The microstructure of the porous gold and porous silver films fabricated by pulsed laser deposition from the reverse flow of particles of the erosion torch is investigated with scanning electron microscopy. The elemental composition of films is determined, using energy dispersive spectrometer. The transmission spectra differences between the porous and continuous films are analysed. The correlations between the preparation conditions, microstructure, and optical properties of films are revealed. As shown, the optical properties of films are determined by excitation of both surface local plasmons and surface plasmon-polaritons under the specified observation conditions.

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