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A. M. Petrova and M. B. Shtern
«Effect of Molybdenum on Formation of Nanostructured Film at Friction of Titanium Material TiCrMoTiC»
0813–0818 (2012)

PACS numbers: 06.60.Vz, 62.20.Qp, 62.23.St, 68.60.Bs, 81.07.Bc, 81.40.Pq, 81.65.-b

The addition of molybdenum into the titanium material TiCrTiC significantly changes the composition and properties of nanostructured film, which is fabricated due to the friction on air and under high temperatures. Predominant contents of brittle oxide TiO2 (rutile) within the films in the process of friction determines the high wear of materials. There is no titanium oxide TiO2 within the newly fabricated film of titanium material containing molybdenum, whereas hydroxides and molybdenum oxides prevail in terms of quantity, and ensure high protective and lubricate properties of film.

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