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Д. В. Щур, С. Ю. Загинайченко, В. А. Боголепов, В. М. Адеев, Е. П. Рудакова
«Фуллерен — катализатор синтеза углеродных нанотрубок»
0747–0751 (2012)

PACS numbers: 61.48.De, 68.37.Hk, 68.37.Lp, 81.05.ub, 81.16.Hc, 82.30.Lp, 82.65.+r

In a given paper, materials fabricated by the original technology (developed by the authors) with the use of the non-metallic fullerene catalysts are investigated. As well known, the iron-group metals (Fe, Ni, Co and their mixtures) are most often used as catalysts for the synthesis of carbon nanostructures. After synthesis, the catalyst, the content of which reaches up to 30 wt.%, is eluted by boiling in mineral acids. Carbon nanostructures obtained by pyrolysis of hydrocarbons on the metal-free fullerene catalysts do not need the energy-intensive and harmful stage of chemical treatment and do not contain the molecules of inorganic acids and other related impurities on its surface in the adsorbed form. In a given paper, the carbon fibres are impregnated with a solution of fullerenes in toluene, which catalyse the process of carbon nanotubes’ growth on the fibres surface.

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