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С. Черноусова, М. Епплє
«Наночастинки в медицині»
0667–0685 (2012)

PACS numbers: 81.07.-b, 87.50.ct, 87.57.-s, 87.64.Ee, 87.85.J-, 87.85.Qr, 87.85.Rs

According to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), nanomaterials are objects, which are smaller than 100 nm at least in one dimension. Nanoparticles are a kind of nanomaterials. Due to their size and unique physical and chemical properties, nanoparticles are used in many different areas, including medicine. In this review, we summarize some types of nanoparticles, which are used in medicine, forming the area of nanomedicine.

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