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И. М. Сидорченко, Д. В. Щур*, М. М. Нищенко, Н. А. Шевченко,В. А. Боголепов*, А. Г. Дубовой*
«Формирование эффективных эмиттеров электроновпри лазерном испарении ориентированных углеродныхнанотрубок»
0169–0176 (2012)

PACS numbers: 68.37.Hk, 78.45.+h, 79.60.Jv, 79.70.+q, 81.05.ub, 81.16.Mk, 85.35.Kt

The processes of electron emission from the surface of orient-ed carbon nanotubes on the Ni substrate under the influence of pulsed laser energy are investigated. In the case of the laser pulse energy E???0.3 J, the carbon-nanotubes’ evaporation from the surface of Ni substrate and further carbon deposition on the molybdenum anode in the form of film, which consists of spherical carbon nanoparticles with sizes from 50 to 500 nm, take place. This leads to a change in the sign of the emission current (emission flows from the anode to the cathode). Struc-ture formed on the Mo anode is more efficient emitter as com-pared with the emitter of close-packed oriented multilayer nanotubes on the Ni substrate.

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