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В. М. Ищук, Н. А. Спиридонов
«Создание наноструктур за счёт сегнето-антисегнетоэлектрического фазового превращения. Опти-ческие материалы с отрицательным коэффициентом прелом-ления»
0105–0114 (2012)

PACS numbers: наноструктурные плёнки, диоксид циркония, технология Tape Casting, интерференция

Domains of ferroelectric (FE) and antiferroelectric (AFE) phases with the sizes of 200–300 A coexist in the in lead zir-conate-titanate-based solid solutions samples bulk due to the weak difference of free energies of FE and AFE states. The co-herent nature of the interphase domain boundaries leads to the concentration of lattice strains near these boundaries. Since ions with different sizes occupy the equivalent lattice sites, elastic stresses cause a local decomposition of the solid so-lution: ‘large’ ions are pushed into the domains with larger parameters of a crystal lattice, and ‘small’ ions are pushed into the domains with smaller lattice parameters. Sizes of segregates are 80–150 A, and their distribution over the bulk is determined by the structure of domains. Functional materi-als with various sets of physical parameters can be fabricat-ed, including textured ceramic piezoelectric materials, by controlling the local decomposition of solid solutions.

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