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В. П. Семененко, А. Л. Гирич, С. Н. Ширинбекова, Т. Н. Горовенко,Н. В. Кичань
«Генетические типы нанометровых зёрен минералов в метеоритах»
0001–0010 (2012)

PACS numbers: 61.46.Hk, 68.37.Hk, 68.37.Lp, 91.60.Ed, 91.65.Sn, 91.67.fk, 91.67.gn

Three genetic types of nanometre mineral grains, namely, con-densation, metamorphogene and exogenous ones, are revealed in meteorites. The first of them are formed as a result of conden-sation in a gas–dust cloud in both the presolar period and the solar one of evolution of a cosmic matter, the second-type grains are formed as a result of thermal, aqueous and shock metamorphism in the parental bodies of meteorites, and the third-type grains are formed as a result of earth terrestrial weathering of meteorites. The obtained data indicate to a fun-damental character of formation of minerals based on nanosize level of organization of matter, beginning with condensation of the stellar matter and finishing with earth terrestrial weathering of minerals.

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