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Ю. В. Касюк, А. К. Федотов*, M. Marszalek**, А. Karczmarska**, J. Przewoznik**, Cz. Kapusta**
«Фазовый состав и магнитная структура нанокомпозитов FeCoZr–(PbSrNaBi)(ZrTi)O3»
419–431 (2011)

PACS numbers: 61.05.Qr, 75.50.Tt, 75.60.Ej, 75.75.Cd, 76.80.+y, 81.07.Bc, 82.80.Gk

Phase composition and magnetic properties of FeCoZr–(PbSrNaBi)(ZrTi)O3 granular nanocomposites synthesized in oxygen-containing ambient with different values of oxygen pressure are studied by Mossbauer spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, and vibrating sample magnetometry. Correlations between the synthesis conditions and oxidation of metallic granules and the magnetic properties of nanocomposites are determined. Possibility to tailor percolation threshold and modify magnetoresistive effect value in a material by varying oxygen pressure in a chamber during synthesis is revealed.

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