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И. М. Черненко, О. П. Мысов, О. Ю. Олейник, А. И. Ивон*
«Получение и диагностика нанодисперсной системы комплекса оксованадия (V).»
983–991 (2010)

PACS numbers: 68.37.Hk, 68.47.Jn, 79.30.Hv, 81.05.Je, 81.07.-b, 82.65.+r, 82.70.-y

A method to fabricate a nanodisperse system of oxovanadium (V) complex is described. Synthesis of the final product is per-formed in two stages. At the first stage, an aqueous solution of pentaoxovanadium V2O5 is used, in which oxalic acid dis-solved in water is introduced. Within this environment, the chemical interaction occurs, which is accompanied by the ac-tive release of carbon dioxide, resulting in the formation of blue transparent solution having pH???1.37. Study of this solu-tion indicates the formation of mixed oxalic and polyvanadium acid N2V4O9. At the second stage, ammonium hydroxide is intro-duced into the generated solution. As a result, water environ-ment with brown colour is formed, pH value of which is close to 7. The results of environment diagnostics indicate the forma-tion of oxovanadium complex. The optical properties indicate that this environment is a sol solution, in which the light scattering is described by Rayleigh law. Calculations indicate the presence of colloidal particles of 5–50 nm. Dried product is investigated by x-ray analysis and Fourier spectroscopy. Results testify formation of oxovanadium acid salt. Study of the product obtained is carried out using scanning electron microscope.

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