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И. С. Михаловский, Г. Б. Мельникова*, В. А. Тарасе-вич**, М. В. Самойлов
«Триглицеридные наноструктуры и их пространственно-временная динамика.»
861–868 (2010)

PACS numbers: 61.46.Bc, 68.37.Ps, 81.07.Nb, 81.16.Fg, 82.40.-g, 82.70.Dd, 87.85.Rs

Low-dimensional disperse system is fabricated from triglyc-erides of oleic acid. As revealed with the use of the atomic-force microscopy method, the dispersed phase is a matrix of globular nanostructures. As shown by the spectral-analysis method, the colloid of oleic-acid triglycerides is character-ized by low rate of destruction of a dispersed phase with a ki-netic constant of about 10?5 sec?1. Nanostructures of oleic-acid triglycerides can be a base of the colloidal form of poly-gexamethyleneguanidinehydrochloride biocide.

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