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. В. Кирошка, Н. В. Репин, В. М. Надутов*, А. Е. Пе-рекос*, В. З. Войнаш*, Ю. О. Тищенко, Т. П. Бондаренко
«Синтез, биологическая активность и цитотоксич-ность нанопорошков на основе Fe3O4.»
787–798 (2010)

PACS numbers: 61.05.cp, 61.43.Gt, 75.50.Tt, 75.60.Ej, 81.07.Wx, 87.50.wf, 87.85.jj

In a given work, Fe3O4 nanopowder was fabricated. Its phase com-position, particle dispersity, and magnetic characteristics are determined. Ability of magnetite (Fe3O4) to adsorb protein components of culture media is analysed; nanoparticles cytotoxicity and character of their interaction with alveolar macrophage (AM) culture depending on concentration and incubation time are studied. The analysis of nanoparticles microstructure in a media containing 10% of Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) shows that presence of a protein component in cultural medium leads to the formation of thin coat around nanoparticles. During incubation of AM with nanoparticles, their intercellular localization is observed; its density is determined by both the concentration of nanoparticles and the exposure time. Cells viability reduction down to 75% during their interaction with the studied nanomaterial is revealed, when the maximum concentration of Fe3O4 for 24 hrs. is used. It is supposed that adsorption of protein molecules of culture medium on the surface of nanoparticles facilitates their penetration inside the cells by endocytosis and reduces the reaction ability of the nanoparticles surface that results in their low cytotoxicity. Thus, a high rate of bioactivity and compatibility of Fe3O4 nanoparticles during interaction with the culture of macrophages suggests an application of the obtained nanopowders in biology and medicine for magnetically controlled transport of drugs.

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