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П. П. Горбик, А. Л. Петрановская, М. П. Турелик, Е. В. Пилипчук, В. Ф. Чехун*, Н. Ю. Лукьянова*, А. П. Шпак**, В. Л. Карбовский**, А. М. Кордубан**, В. В. Тришин***, Ю. Б. Шевченко***
«Синтез, физико-химические свойства и биоактивность полифункциональных нанокомпозитов для биологии и медицины.»
749–765 (2010)

PACS numbers: 81.16.Be, 87.19.xj, 87.64.Bx, 87.85.J-, 87.85.Qr, 87.85.Rs, 87.85.St

The complex of experiments directed to the development of the scientific basis of chemical construction of multilevel bio-compatible polyfunctional nanocomposites with hierarchical architecture (models of biomedical nanorobots), a study of their physical and chemical properties, bioactivity in vitro on the cell lines MCF-7 is completed. The processes of surface immobilization of biologically active nanocomposites of molecules with cytotoxic properties and monoclonal antibodies CD 95 with immunotherapeutic and sensory properties are studied. The possibilities of targeted delivery of pharmaceuticals are verified using the detection abilities of monoclonal antibodies. The influence of the synthesized models of nanorobots on the cancer cells of human breast carcinoma (MCF-7 line) is analysed. The main results of the research work are described for the estimation of the current state of development and the prospects of its practical usage. In order to solve the problems of the targeted delivery of therapeutic drugs for the method of neutron-capture therapy, the magnetosensitive boron-containing nanocomposites have been synthesized. The technique of magnetosensitive nanostructures synthesis on the base of gadolinium-containing nanocrystalline magnetite is developed.

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