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Yu. M. Barabash, M. A. Zabolotny, and T. V. Serdenko
«The Wavelet Method for the Analysis of Electron-Transfer Kinetics in Bacterial Reaction Centres »
113–128 (2010)

PACS numbers: 82.20.Db, 82.20.Pm, 82.20.Xr, 82.30.Fi, 82.39.Jn

In a given paper, kinetics of electron transfer in bacterial reactive centres (RC) is discussed. Aspects of relaxation processes and photoinduced structural changes in a molecular complex RC of Rhodobacter sphaeroides as a result of intramolecular electron transfer are studied by the wavelet analysis. Relaxation kinetics has S-shaped character of the time-dependence of a constant of rate of electron return from an acceptor after turning off stimulating light. Relaxation curves of RC are non-stationary (time-dependent). Two-level model of electron transfer is considered. Reaction centres are regarded as dynamic in time and identical with each other. Wavelet analysis of relaxation kinetics allows us to assume that exponents of relaxation curves are not involved simultaneously, but appear by turns.

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