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«Structural, Electrical and Optical Properties of ZnO:Al Thin Films»
0833–0841 (2009)

PACS numbers: 68.55.Ln, 68.55.Nq, 73.61.Ga, 78.20.Ci, 78.66.Hf, 81.15.Rs, 81.40.Rs

Structural, electrical, and optical properties of ZnO:Al films fabricated by the spraying method are studied. The results of influence of films deposition temperature on their surface resistance are presented. As revealed, the films alloyed with aluminium mainly possess a structure of (002) orientation. Level of films crystallinity decreases with the increase of aluminium concentration from 1.5 at.% to 4.5 at.%. The grains diameter is about 21–28 nm. According to calculation data, forbidden-band width is 3.28–3.34 eV. Optical transmission of films is high enough and makes 90–96%in visible and infrared ranges.

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