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«Emission Stability of Nanopores and Sonoluminescence in Liquids»
0633–0659 (2009)

PACS numbers: 34.35.+a, 43.35.Hl, 47.61.Cb, 68.03.-g, 73.30.+y, 78.60.Mq, 79.70.+q

Within the scope of the correlation theory of inhomogeneous simple liquids, the atom work function from liquid inside a spherical nanopore is calculated. General expression for effective single-atom potential of mean force is obtained on the basis of analysis of first equation of the BogolubovBornGreenKirkwoodYvon chain of equations for atoms distribution functions. Within the Fowler approximation, simulation of the size-dependent single-atom potential is performed that takes into account the pair interatomic interaction and correlations. The expression for atom work function from pore surface is derived. The criterion of emission stability of pore surface, which depends on thermodynamic properties of liquid, is formulated in terms of atom work function from liquid into the pore. The obtained criterion of emission stability is applied to study sonoluminescence phenomenon in simple liquids. The simulations of the effective single-atom potential of mean forces in the pore are performed under condition of spherically symmetric shock wave front run out from liquid into pore surface. Possibility of atoms emission from pore surface with hyper-thermal velocities under such conditions may lead to formation of spherically symmetric atom stream convergent to the pore centre. Implosion of atom stream in pore centre causes the impact excitation and ionization of atoms, and subsequent recombination with flash electromagnetic radiation.

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