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"Vibration magnetometer 7404 VSM"
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

The collective use centre"Vibration magnetometer 7404 VSM" of the NAS of Ukraine was founded in the structure of the G. V. Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics NAS of Ukraine for the most rational use of the unique device "Vibration magnetometer 7404 VSM" produced by the company "Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc." (USA) to develop research in the field of nanotechnology - the study of the magnetic properties of materials at the nano-sized level. The Centre "VSM" makes it possible to measure the magnetic moment m (sensitivity | m | is equal to 10 -7 EMU, the measurement range is 10 -7 -10 3) within a wide temperature range from 8 to 1273 K using the "vibration magnetometer 7404 VSM". The measurements can be applied for all types of solid materials (powders, thin films, single crystals) and liquids to study the magnetic state of the alloying impurities in substances and magnetic properties of the substances to determine the limits of application of the developed materials in engineering and medicine. The device "VSM" is a necessary research tool by creation of advanced nanomaterials and superhard composite, ceramic materials of metals, biological objects using the advanced nanotechnology.

The activity of the Centre "VSM" is regulated according to the Regulations on collective use of equipment "VSM".